More than 30,000 HOURS HAVE been spent and the finishes product is now completed. THE McLaren SLR 999 – RED GOLD DREAM
Whatever Ueli Anliker from Winznau touches turns to gold. THIS TIME WITH about 600 additional RUBIES!
There is hardly a designer who has invested so much time and money in such an outstanding original vehicle to further improve and embellish it. With his susceptibility to the perfect completion of the line tours he has managed to succeeded. However, the main features were kept as on the original while refining them.

A highlight is the produced spoiler. In technical terms it features a plus of approximately 100 kg pressure at 350km/h, equipped with an additional wing factory, which shrinks in the middle to the bottom, and integrated LED day lights The excess side exhaustion is eliminated through harmoniously integrated, original side gills. Each one of these ais also equipped with a longitudinal stringer, coated in 24k gold. The already existing fog lights were glazed like the headlights. The original direction indicators in the front were replaced with LED lights on the side of the car, which represents a very sporty look. The logo UA was added beneath the car and seems to levitate.
The original side exhaust pipe liners were elongated, thermally isolated and stick out facing up behind the doors out of the side sleepers, signed with the logo of Ueli Anliker.
The modifications of the entire exhaustion system help the SLR to a more beautiful sound and at the same time to an improvement of the performance.

Moreover, the side sleepers were adapted harmonically and integrated, pulled down which technically brings an aerodynamic improvement along.
The signature of the designer was placed in the front on the threshold decorated with 16 rubies each a diameter of 14mm,highlighted individually with LED lights.

The signature has been integrated into the paint work, so that no rising was created.
The heck was improved aerodynamically with the rear diffusor leading to an additional pressure of about 80kg. A very fine wing factory was integrated as well, with gold coated LED fog lights to lead to security improvements. Below them the logo UA was placed again in a very discreet way.

On the sides the gills were beautifully integrated to counteract the front. The longitudinal stringer were coated with 24k gold. As a counter piece to the front, LED lights were added on the sides to serve as direction indicators. The rear lights were adjusted to the rear, decorated with a gold framing. An exhaust valve was built into the rear for the gear box, to achieve a clean rear.

The recess for the number plate was glazed and framed with gold.A brilliant serves to open to trunk.
The wing is a masterstroke and beautifies the SLR in every perspective. The harmonic line tours was adjusted optically and technically to the vehicle from the roof till the shot break, which adds an additional pressure of 150kg of a maximum speed of about 350km/h. The back sight and the original airbreak spoiler were not affected by this.
The direction indicators were lacquered with the same color of the vehicle and the cover of the LED direction indicators were coated with 24k gold and decorated with rubies.

The C-pillar diffusor leads the air stream well-directed to the rear wings. The vehicle rear was optically elongated, which counteracts the long front part of the SLR. Also the rear window, which is pulled along the C-pillar to the front, was adjusted and the overall impression seems more sporty.. .
The visible winsheld wiper system was covered up with the front opening hood, which leads to a small aerodynamic advantage. The signature of the designer was placed on the front opening hood, again decorated with rubies.

The covers in the front headlights, which are not relevant to the lights, were coated with 24k gold The complete interior is covered with gold leather and matching red. Every single button or switch was covered in gold, which underlines the overall impression.

The switching lights were replaced with red rubies. The control buttons on the steering wheel were exchanged with swift paddles. As the coronation of everything, a seethrough, removable component was built to give an open air feeling, which can be put away beneath the rear window. Nevertheless, the entire vehicle structure was not weakened by that.

The distant exterior mirror direction indicators were replaced with LED lights, as well as the parking lights on the front as well as on the rear. 128 white LEDs were inserted n the integrated wing factory of the front spoiler, which serve as day driving light .
The fog light on the rear diffusor in the additional wing factory with 99 LED’s catches one’s eye. When opening the door, the side sleepers light up. To ease the getting into the vehicle, the entrance sleepers as well as the foot space light up, while opening the door. The logo of Ueli Anliker on the seats are played to the gallery throuh direct LED-lighting. Almost 600 LED’s in total were built into the vehicle, which were shapely adapted to design.
The red paint job of the vehicle, containing up to 25 layers, features gold flecks of about 5kg gold. All of the signatures, logos, as well as the gills for the exhaustion on the side and the front were coated with 24 karat gold.

The original rims were layered in a 0.2 mm thick and 24k gold coat in a very special procedure by Ueli Anliker and lacquered with 4 layers of nano clear coat to prevent the high performance rims, which was malleablized, do not get weakened.

The wheel bolts were closed with 35 mm big rubies as the coronation and the gold logo UA is presented in the middle of the wheel cover, which lacquered red.

The holes for the steering geometry were covered by 14mm rubies, which results in a total of 44 rubies on the wheels only.

The windows and all the framings on the outer glass were coated with tinted foils in gold.

The designer has not yet achieved his goal concerning the engine. A noticeable improvement of the performance has been achieved, however, he is still working on a further progression. As the name Red Gold Dream McLaren SLR 999 implies, the ambitious goal is to crack the 1000 horsepower limit.

That such a valuable vehicle has to be protected, speaks for itself. In addition to the already existing alarm system, a GPS/GSM Module was built into the vehicle to track the car worldwide in case of an emergency and is even possible to block the vehicle

To complete the security package, a 2 zone radar connected to a voice system, kindly asks too curious persons to kindly step back..

As a final note it is to mention that more than 600 rubies up to a diameter of 35mm were used. A unique masterpiece, which offers unequaled opportunities. Ueli Anliker’s main points are design, research and development, which he has implemented for more than 35 years.

The selling price of this prototype is more than 10 million Swiss francs


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